Why is Council doing a feasibility study?

    There are maintenance items in the stadium that need to be addressed such as the roof, the floor and ducting needs replacing.  

    The opening of Maroondah Nets has provided a home to other key user groups of the stadium leaving gymnastics as the only user left in the stadium.

    This has allowed the gymnastics program to grow, however the current set up and equipment offered is not in line with other gymnastics facilities.

    Aquahub follows the Watch Around Water policy and requires all parents/guardians of children under the age of ten (10) to supervise their children while they are in the venue.  Seating will be available for parents to stay and watch their children in comfort. 

    What is a purpose-built gymnastics facility?

    The proposed enhancement will include a sprung floor, fixed equipment, seating for spectators and a built-in foam pit.  The new layout will provide more space, which will allow for a better gymnastics offering and allow for program growth.

    What impact will there be to other stadium users?

    Gymnastics is currently the only user of the stadium.   Going forward, this space could be used by other complimentary groups such as calisthenics, cheerleading etc.

    What type of gymnastics program is it?

    It is a recreational gymnastics program aimed for and available to all children, regardless of age or ability. 

    There is no requirement for children to attend a certain number of hours per week, or to progress through classes at any rate.

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    What will the impact be on the current program?

    The program will continue to run and Council will find an alternate location (TBC) during the period of construction.


    For ongoing program users, benefits will include sprung floor, foam pit, evaporative cooling and spectator seating.

    When would construction begin?

    Time frames for this project are not yet known.  Council needs to complete the Feasibility Study and apply for external funding; they will then be in a better position to understand timing for this project.

    How long will it take?

    Until a detailed design is complete, this will not be known.  Users of Aquahub and parents of the participants of the gymnastics program will be informed prior to the works.

    Will other users of Aquahub be impacted?

    All programs and services at Aquahub will continue to run, however there may be some changes to access points for the pool hall and gym during this time.
    Aquahub will place appropriate signage for ease of access.