What is the Maroondah Heritage Study Review?

    The Maroondah Council Plan 2017-2021 identifies the key directions for 2017 – 2021. One of the Council Plan directions is to achieve: “A thriving and well built community”. One of the Council’s priority actions is to undertake a municipal wide review of Council’s neighbourhood character and heritage controls.

    Consequently, as part of a wider Heritage Program, Council has allocated resources towards the preparation of a Heritage Study Review.

    What is the purpose of the Review?

    The first Maroondah Heritage Study, completed in 1998, was limited to historic places of well-recognised heritage significance. A Heritage Study Review was conducted in 2003 resulting in  more places of heritage significance being protected in Council’s Heritage Overlay and identifying others requiring further assessment. See more about our Heritage places and the Maroondah Heritage Study

    The new Heritage Study Review will complete this work and undertake a wider survey of places of potential heritage significance. It will identify those places that have significant cultural heritage value to warrant local level heritage protection. These places or precincts will require a full heritage assessment and the preparation of a statement of significance to determine whether a place satisfies the threshold of local significance and would justify the application of the Heritage Overlay.

    The report will further make recommendations on the conservation and protection of the municipality’s cultural heritage.