How many Radiata Pine trees will be removed from Norwood Reserve?

    A total of 156 Radiata Pine trees will be removed from Norwood Reserve over a five year period. 

    Why are the Radiata Pine trees being removed?

    Due to some recent failures on site of mature Radiata Pines, Council commissioned a full assessment of the Pine trees at Norwood Reserve.  

    Some of the pine trees are infected with a Velvet-top funghi (Phaeolus sp) which causes decay in the roots and lower trunk. Advanced decay caused by the funghi increases the probability of the tree uprooting. 

    What does the staged removal plan look like?

    Will new trees be planted in this area?

    Yes, re-planting of the area will occur in stages after the existing pine trees have been removed.

    Council is seeking feedback from the community on what tree species should be planted or what other landscaping or vegetation ideas they would like to see included.

    What other elements are being considered for Norwood Reserve?

    Council recognises that our local open space areas and local reserves are very important to our community.

    That's why we would like to hear suggestions from residents and users of Norwood Reserve on what other elements they would like Council to consider for the future, for example:

    • additional seating areas
    • nature play or playground area
    • additional landscaping/garden bed