What is Solar Savers?

    Solar Savers is a partnership between not-for-profit greenhouse alliances and over 20 Victorian local Councils. The program is supported with funding by the Victorian Government through a New Energy Jobs Fund grant.

    The program is supporting pensioners to install quality, reliable and affordable solar with no upfront costs as the solar system is paid for gradually over 10 years. This is by providing support throughout the planning and installation process and providing quality solar panels at a great price.

    The Solar Savers model ensures all participating households are at least $100 in front at the end of every year.

    Who is the program aimed at?

    Solar Savers is aimed at supporting pensioners who own their home to install quality, reliable and affordable solar.

    Our research shows that pensioners are an ideal group to install solar as they use most of their energy during the daytime (when solar panels make electricity), spend a high proportion of their income on energy costs, benefit from reduced cooling costs and are interested in supporting solar energy.

    Why is the special charge being proposed?

    Maroondah City Council is currently participating in phase 1 of the Solar Savers program, which involves the special charge. The special charge will allow participating households to have a new solar system installed, which they will gradually pay for through their rates payments. Power bill savings from the panels cover the cost of these repayments.

    A limited number of places were available for households in Maroondah to participate in phase 1 of the program and through targeted communication, Council sought participation on a first come first served basis.

    Will there be other opportunities to participate in Solar Savers?

    Yes there will be. In early 2018, Maroondah will participate in the bank loan trial, where eligible households can access a low interest loan to help install solar.

    This phase of the program will also be aimed at residents who own their own home, have a Government Pension Card, are usually home from 9am to 5pm, have average to high electricity use and do not currently have solar panels on their home.