There is currently lighting on the pitches why does this need to be replaced?

    The current lighting is sitting between both pitches and only lights up a small pock area on the northern pitch, it doesn’t provide lighting to Australian Standards which means that it is dangerous for players and seeing over use in these lit areas.

    What time will the lights stay on until?

    The clubs can be allocated use of the ovals at the very latest 9pm, but on most occasions allocations run until 8:30pm. With the new lighting the technology included to allow Council officers the ability to turn off lighting remotely, but also a fail-safe automatic shut off which can be set at 9pm to ensure the lights are never left on later than permitted.

    What is light spill and how will that impact my house?

    The lighting spill is when light falls outside the oval/pitches that are being illuminated. In designing the ovals lighting design, the light spill is minimised by the location, height and aiming of the lamp heads. Please see attached lighting spill plan which show the lux level readings outside of the oval area. 

    Also included are some photos of recently completed projects that demonstrate how acurate the control over the lighting spill is. Where the lighting illuminates the ovals to the levels required by the Australian Standards, it also demonstrates 3-5m outside of the boundary the light drops and is in complete darkness. 

    Council has recently installed lighting similar to what is being proposed at Silcock Reserve, these reserves are:

    • Croydon Aths Track
    • Heathmont Reserve
    • H E Parker Reserve
    • Cheong Park - lighting still to be commissioned 

    Examples of these lighting projects can be found in the image library on this page.

    Why are 30-meter towers needed to light the ovals?

    The height of the towers assists with the directional focus to the lamp heads, the higher towers mean that the lamp heads are facing down onto the oval. Smaller towers would result on the lamp heads projecting outwards rather than downwards, which would actually cause greater light spill and be more noticeable for the surrounding residents.

    Will the old light towers be removed?

    Yes, the old lighting towers will be removed once the new towers are fully operational

    What will the timeline of this project be?

    After the community information sessions, Council will formally write to residents advising of our intention to install the lights as required under Part 4 of The Building Regulations 2018.Through this process residents can provide feedback around this installation. 

    The proposed timeline for the project is:

    • October - tender for Project
    • November - appoint contractor
    • Nov/Jan - works commence on site and lighting towers installed
    • April - lighting fully operation for the Winter 2021 season

    I have noticed there is some other works occurring at the reserve around the pavilion, what is happening with this?

    Council has committed to undertaking a number of significant projects to the Silcock Reserve in the next 12 months, these projects include:

    • Pavilion Redevelopment - the existing pavilion is seeing a partial knock down and rebuild to address inadequate change facilities for soccer and cricket, whilst provide a pavilion that can view the sports from within the pavilions social area. 
    • Oval redevelopment to the Northern and Southern ovals, which will include the following:
      • Strip back current turf, minor releveling of the ovals, installation of irrigation system, 4m spaced comprehensive drainage system topped with 150mm sand cap and finished off with Sana Ana grass laid. 
      • Included with these works will be the realignment of pitches to ensure senior soccer sizing is achieved on the Northern Oval
      • Realigned cricket wickets with soccer boundaries and to increase cricket boundary to the north on the Northern Oval
      • Installation of synthetic turf in high wear areas around pavilion and cricket run-ups

    View larger image in the document library 

    • Construction of new 5 bay cricket training facility to the Northern Oval - removing the existing facility and increasing the footprint to accommodate 5 cricket training bays.

    View larger image in the document library