What is a Heritage Overlay?

    A planning scheme is a statutory document that regulates the use and development of land.

    In addition to a planning zone, a parcel of land might be affected by an overlay to recognise some special features such as a heritage building.

    A heritage overlay applies to heritage places of natural or cultural significance and describes the requirements that apply.

    The Heritage Overlay provisions are set out at Clause 43.01 within all Victorian Local Planning Schemes.

    What is a Schedule to Clause 43.01?

    The Schedule Clause 43.01 lists the properties affected by the Heritage Overlay within a particular municipality and any additional controls that may apply to that particular site.

    What is a Statement of Significance?

    A statement of significance establishes the importance of the place and addresses the heritage criteria.  Planning Practice Note 1 (PPN01) “Applying the Heritage Overlay” sets out the application of heritage overlay provisions in the planning scheme.  It notes that the identification of the place needs to clearly justify the significance of the place as a basis for its inclusion in the Heritage Overlay.