Consultation Summary

by Amy Corcoran,

We consulted widely with the Maroondah community about how to raise the wellbeing of children, young people and families. This is an interim summary of what you told us.

The engagement process saw over 5,000 participants including children, young people, parents and carers, and local professionals providing vital information to inform the Children and Families strategy and the new Youth Strategy Action Plan.

This consultation included face to face groups, online surveys and engagement tools via the Your Say Maroondah website, wellbeing surveys administered in partnership with Department of Education and Training and the University of Melbourne, and a drawing competition for children.

Key findings from this consultation are below:


  • Social wellbeing and connections issues - family; friendships; bullying; being alone
  • High emotional wellbeing risks factors – managing emotions
  • Importance of mental health and wellbeing
  • Self-esteem and self-concept issues
  • Physical wellbeing issues, including exercise and sleep
  • Declining wellbeing as children transition into adolescence, including transition to secondary school
  • Importance of the natural environment and public amenities

Young People

  • Declining wellbeing through much of adolescence
  • High emotional wellbeing risk factors – anxiety; stress;
    depression; anger; managing emotions
  • Mental health challenges
  • Social wellbeing issues – loneliness; peer pressure; friendships; family
  • Physical wellbeing issues – sleep; physical activities; diet; sedentary activities
  • School or study problems
  • Lack of information about education and career pathways
  • Need for improved transitions – to secondary school; to adulthood
  • Poorer wellbeing for gender diverse young people

Parents / Carers

  • Low knowledge of services and opportunities / activities
  • Improved Support and educational opportunities for parents/carers
  • Concerns about mental health and wellbeing – own; children’s
  • Importance of children’s education and learning
  • Desire for improved social wellbeing and connections
  • Time demands and balancing responsibilities as parents/carers
  • Child care, including cost and hours
  • Need for improved service accessibility – financial; service hours; language barriers;
  • Need for improved community accessibility - paths; transport
  • Importance of nature and outdoor play spaces
  • Concerns about condition of infrastructure / facilities

*Infants were represented in consultations with parents/carers.

Next Steps

The next steps for the consultation are to finalise the consultation results report and overall summaries.

Consultation findings are now being used to inform Council’s new Children & Families Strategy and Action Plan, and the new Action Plan for Council’s existing Youth Strategy.

Updates will be available on the yoursay page as these projects progress, as will information about further opportunities for the community to be involved in shaping up the Action Plans.

If you would like to be notified when updates or opportunities to get involved are available, please leave your details via the ‘Register for updates’ button on

Thank you again for taking the time to have your say!

For more information on these next steps, please contact:

·Heather Cummings, Youth and Children’s Planning and Strategy Advisor, on or 9294 5707 or
·Amy Corcoran, Community and Online Engagement Officer on or 9294 5721.

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Consultation has concluded

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