What is the Children and Families Strategy?

    The Children and Families Strategy will guide how Council works with children and families into the future.

    By seeking feedback from parents, carers and children in Maroondah, we hope to build a strong evidence base to help us better meet the needs of Maroondah's children and families by providing  them with information, services and initiatives based on this feedback.  

    Our overall goal for the Children and Families Strategy is to raise the wellbeing of Maroondah's children and families, and with valuable information from the community about what matters to them, we aim to achieve this. 

    What is the Youth Strategy Action Plan?

    The Youth Strategy outlines how Council will work to raise the wellbeing of young people (10-25) in Maroondah. You can download the action plan from the Youth Services website here: http://www.maroondahyouth.com.au/About-Us/Youth-Strategy-and-Action-Plan

    Alongside the strategic direction of the Youth Strategy, a two-year Action Plan was developed which outlines how Council will respond to the current needs of young people. It is updated every two years and guides Council's actions for this period.

    We're very excited it is time to refresh our Action Plan and look forward to hearing from young people and stakeholders about the current matters that affect them, and how we can help contribute to raising the wellbeing of young people in Maroondah. 

    How can I get involved and have my say?

    There are many ways for parents/carers, children and young people to be involved! 

    We are beginning with the Maroondah Wellbeing Surveys, conducted in partnership by Council, the Department of Education & Training and The University of Melbourne. These surveys will open on 27 May 2019 and close on 21 June 2019. There are four Maroondah Wellbeing Surveys for different target groups -

    • Primary school students (via schools)
    • Secondary school students (via schools)
    • School staff (via schools)
    • Parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-25 years in Maroondah (via schools or via the Parent/Carer Wellbeing Survey link below – hard copy survey forms are also available via Council’s three Customer Service Centres)

    We will also have focus groups, a children's storytelling competition and co-design forums. 

    All the opportunities to have your say will be listed on this page. Please register for project updates if you are interested! 

    Children's Storytelling Competition Terms & Conditions

    You can view the terms and conditions for our children's storytelling competition here (downloads pdf page)