What is a Structure Plan?

    The Structure Plan defines the long-term vision for an area and key directions and actions for how the vision will be achieved. It identifies the changes that will potentially happen within the activity centre and provide direction for planning zones and land-use changes to meet the needs.

    Why is Council updating the structure plan?

    In 2006, Maroondah City Council prepared a Structure Plan for the Croydon Town Centre. We are now checking back in with the community to review and update the Structure Plan to ensure it is in line with current social, environmental and economic challenges and opportunities.

    What are Activity Centres?

    Areas that provide a focus for services, employment, housing, transport and social interaction. They range in size and intensity of use from smaller neighbourhood centres to major suburban centres and larger metropolitan centres.

    What is a Major Activity Centre?

    A Major Activity Centre is a suburban centre that provide access to a wide range of goods and services. They take different shapes, forms and sizes.

    What is the difference between affordable and social housing?

    Affordable housing is defined as housing that is appropriate to the housing needs of very low, low and moderate-income households. 

    Social housing is short and long-term rental housing that is owned and run by the government or not-for-profit agencies. Social housing comprises of public housing and community housing.

    Community housing is managed by not-for-profit organisations. Public housing is owned and managed by the government.

    How do we define low, medium and high density?

    The unit commonly used to define housing density is 'Dwellings per Hectare". 

    Plan Melbourne (a state policy document), uses the following categories to define housing density:

    • Low density: 8-20 dwellings per hectare
    • Medium density: 21-80 dwellings per hectare
    • High density: 80+ dwellings per hectare

    What is Environmentally Sustainable Design?

    Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) are design principles that aims to reduce impacts in the construction and use of buildings on the natural environment whilst improving the comfort of the inhabitants.

    What is Water Sensitive Urban Design?

    An approach that integrates whole of water cycle management into urban planning and design. Water Sensitive Urban Design aims to create urban environments that allow the water cycle to function as it would naturally. This reduces the impact of development on the water cycle.

    What is the Re-imagining Tarralla Creek Project?

    Council is working with the community and project partners to transform a two kilometre section of Tarralla Creek into a fun and friendly open space and waterway. Visit the project website to learn more about this project: https://www.maroondah.vic.gov.au/Development/Developing-Maroondah/Maroondah-projects/Maroondah-projects/Re-imagining-Tarralla-Creek